Gone, But Not Forgotten


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This episode is kind of hard to describe – Doug and Tony start with a discussion about things they miss from days gone by…you know, like air travel that didn't completely suck or an internet made up of more than social media sites. However, things quickly spiral out of control after that. In summary, there is some conversation about stuff that's not around anymore, but before you can even say, "I miss my record player and old 45s", they go off on several wild tangents that make no sense, and they rarely get back around to the original theme. Do better, guys!

Tony's Recommendation – Goo Goo Doll's Yeah, I Like You (off the album "Chaos In Bloom" ): https://open.spotify.com/track/0F13UR88VCNWb0NbD0tXSM?si=14861e490a1449af

Doug didn't have a recommendation because he had a brisket brain.

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