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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1: Monetary policy made fun by Americanuck Radio.
A trillion dollar coin?
Why not?
Mint 'em and put 'em into circulation.
Why not print a trillion dollar rubber dinosaur too?
(AUDIO) This isn't the first time for such a spectacularly mad endeavor, as is illustrated by The Simpsons.
(AUDIO) Trudeau has changed the LGBTQ acronym.
Yes, it's true.
The new acronym is now "2SLGBTQQIA+"
Life or Death....or be experimented on?
Is there an obligation among people to be experimented on.
(AUDIO) Ted Nugent is on a hot streak against Covid vaccinations.
(AUDIO) A woman in Colorado who needed a kidney transplant was removed from a recipient list because she isn't vaccinated.
Mike gets into just how far the once great state of Colorado has fallen, as he relates a story from a friend who lives there.
Hour 1, segment 2: Americanuck Radio was proud once again to welcome our wonderful friend and Calgary mayoral candidate, Kevin J. Johnston.
The evil, filthy establishment is bound and determined to derail Kevin from becoming mayor of Calgary.
Among other topics, Kevin came by to talk about the latest bogus charges being brought against him in Ontario.
He's been sentenced to 18 months in jail in Ontario. If he goes in, then he may very well not come out.
Has there ever been a justice system in Canada, or is it nothing but a sham?
As Kevin says, it is indeed a sham.
A HUGE one.
It could also be called a private club, which doesn't give a damn about people like Kevin.
Mike and Kevin get into the details of what amounts to nothing but a sinister, despicable railroading.
The discussion continues in hour 2.
Hour 2, segment 1: Kevin J. Johnston resumes the discussion by pointing out reports of massive nonsense at the polling places in Calgary, where people are asked who they are voting for at the door.
If people say they are voting for Kevin, they aren't even allowed in the building
With Kevin not being a politician, those that seek to bring him down know how much he is going to turn the current corrupt system inside out.
Kevin has paid a heavy price for his courage, but the goons who are plotting his demise will eventually pay a far heavier price.
May God bless Calgary, as well as all Calgarian's. If it is his will, may Kevin overcome this evil agenda against him...and be God's instrument of change as mayor of Calgary.
Pray for Kevin J. Johnston. He's under an insidious assault.
Enjoy this conversation IN FULL!
Keep up with Kevin, and support him at the links below:
Hour 2, segment 2: If you go to, and donate $25, you will receive a special Christmas ornanent.
(AUDIO) Fauci & HHS officials plotting for a new avian flu virus to enforce universal flu 2019!
(AUDIO) Dr. Peter McCullough echoes the previous audio.
The FBI is being mobilized against parents opposing crt and Covid restrictions.
Three simple words for parents.
(AUDIO) Senator Josh Hawley weighs in on this attempt to "chill" parents speech.
Mike gets into this in depth.
Enjoy all this, and more, in a stellar hour 2

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