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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1: A surprise for everyone today!
Guy Brummell, aka Agent Margaritaville, calls in from an undisclosed penitentiary in Canada.
Mr. Brummell is still getting good intel whilst being unjustly incarcerated, such as internment camps in Saskatchewan.
The crown has no authority to hold Mr. Brummell, as he explains.
Article 61 of the Magna Carta, according to Google, doesn't apply to anyone alive today. Searching Article 61 of the Magna
Carta on Duck Duck Go, as Mike relates, delivers completely different results.
In the midst of this travesty, Guy is surrounded by evil pedophile lawyers and judges.
The conversation also gets into the murder of Honey and Barry Sherman.
Barry was the owner of Apotex, a very large pharmaceutical company. Hillary Clinton's fingerprints are alleged to be on this, as Guy explains.
So far, this is a "cold case."
This very interesting conversation continues into segment 2.
Hour 1, segment 2: Mr. Brummell rejoins the program.
Among other topics, he expounds on the Honey and Barry Sherman case.
This is such an amazing interview with Mr. Brummell. He is a courageous man, yet he still faces a long, undeserved incarceration.
Enjoy this conversation IN FULL!
Pray for Agent Margaritaville, aka, Guy Brummell.
(AUDIO) Anyone who isn't an imbecile, or mentally disturbed, has figured out the fraud of the plandemic, which is the preface of the great reset.
A fabulous report from Greg Reese.
Those who think they have so little must never worry.
Psalm 73: 1-12 explains this perfectly, and Mike goes through it.
Those who may have it all, with every evil design in their souls, are not to be envied.
They will be left broken beyond repair.
All this, and more, in a very powerful hour 1
Hour 2, segment 1: Is Jason Kenney completely compromised? As Mike covered on Tuesday, there may be a Bangkok children connection to the Premier.
(AUDIO) The Premier tries to tell Albertans to refrain from gathering for Thanksgiving.
What he doesn't understand is that there are many people who give thanks every day, are tired of his edicts and lies, and they WILL gather with their families for the coming Thanksgiving holiday.
Jason Kenney, like so many beguiling liars, can be forgiven.
Is he being blackmailed?
No matter.
If there are unknown and unseen elements who are compelling him to do this, he just as well disavow them and come clean...for they will end up hanging him out to dry either way.
Jason Kenney is no healer. If the Bangkok/Kenney connection proves to be true, it will come out!
Mike gives the Premier a scathing rebuttal.
(AUDIO) Project Veritas has been doing some stellar work as of late.
Now, through Project Veritas, a Pfizer executive exposes how the company downplays Covid vaccine ties to fetal tissue from abortions.
Mike analyzes this latest twist.
Kidney trouble? That usually is an indicator of any number of other health issues.
A remedy?
That can be found through the expertise of Dr. Glidden and the supplements we offer on
(AUDIO) A tale of two headlines.
Natural gas price hikes will fuel inflation and hit Canadians the hardest.
But don't worry...everything's going to be "GREAT!"
Mike expertly analyzes this story, and blows holes in the BS.
Then there's this:
Natural gas prices drop as Putin says Russia will boost supplies to Europe.
There is more natural gas in Alberta than all of Russia, but Canadians must pay more.
Clearly, as Mike points out in his analysis, Putin outclasses both Biden and Trudeau.
Gas prices are going up in the U.S. and Canada, and they are falling in Eastern Europe.
(AUDIO) Lies coming from "red pilled" people are some of the most egregious, as this audio proves.
There's enough going on that is real, rather than a made up fairytale.
(AUDIO) Here's an example of an atrocity which is all too real, as stated by Justin Trudeau.
A BC tribunal makes a mockery of freedom of expression by it's ruling on pronoun usage for trans people.
You don't get to decide what to say, or what comes out of your mouth.
Human rights, of course.
Mike gets into this craziness.
All this, and more, in an amazing hour 2 from Mike.

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