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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1: The Canadian military saw the pandemic as unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on the public.
Mike takes a look at this unabashed beguiling on the part of the Canadian military.
(AUDIO) There's plenty of trouble in the U.S. military as well. Mark Milley pathetically defended his call to China during testimony before congress.
Mike takes it all apart with ease.
(AUDIO) A progressive General Milley update to Sun Tzu's Art of War?
We have it here.
Hour 1, segment 2: Yesterday's fabulous program mentioned beguiling, which is what propaganda is built on.
Here's some beguiling.
(AUDIO) The Alberta NDP is calling for the government to ramp up vaccination effort door to door
(AUDIO) A 46 year old Albertan describes his experience with Covid, which he thought was pneumonia. He survived, but is this a case of beguiling from a repentant Covid denier actor?
Mike explains.
(AUDIO) The world cannot be conquered without a hum dinger of a propaganda campaign.
(AUDIO) There appears to be a pushback against the vaccine within the NBA, as Jonathan Issac of the Orlando Magic indicates.
Enjoy all this, and more, in a fantastic hour 1 from Mike.
Hour 2, segment 1: (AUDIO) Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is also among the unvaccinated in the NBA.
(AUDIO) Pope Kathy Hochul tells megachurch that Covid vaccine is God's answer to prayers.
Is God now working with Bill Gates and Fauci?
We all know better than to be taken in by this horrible, beguiling liar.
Mike shreds her nonsense.
(AUDIO) More from Pope Hochul, where she again takes everyone for absolutely stupid rubes.
If mainstream news had to take a day off to de-stress, would anybody notice?
A Portland, Oregon ABC affiliate, KATU, did just that.
Are they getting burnt out from reporting updated case counts each day?
Mike gets into this horribly sad story.
Cue the water works.
Hour 2, segment 2: (AUDIO) Lt. Col Stuart Scheller Jr's incarceration is analyzed by Brian Kilmeade and company on Fox News.
Could Lt. Col Scheller be the next Robert E. Lee?
Mike expounds on this.
Mike gets into the psychology of fear, and how he would never refuse entry to anyone who enters his house to worship on Sunday, based on vaccine status. He doesn't even ask them.
He also explains about how he woke up monday morning with pain in his shoulder, as well as a visit he had on monday with a group of friends who asked him if he hugged anyone who was vaccinated.
Ooooh, was it spike protein that shed on his shoulder?
Let us not play this game.
Enjoy all of this, and more, in an absolutely stunning segment 2 from Mike.

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