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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1: Reports of kids mimicking the Squid Game is alarming Quebec parents and school boards.
(AUDIO) A report from Paul Joseph Watson, which discusses the symbolism behind the Squid Game.
Garbage like this should make people question having a TV in their home at all.
Mike unpacks all the madness.
Hour 1, segment 2: An Alberta provincial police force is still an excellent idea.
The juvenile behaviour of the union representing the RCMP in seeking to trademark potential names for a hypothetical provincial police force is stunning.
Mike delves into this thoroughly with brilliant commentary and analysis.
The cost of the Liberal gun grab scheme in Canada is rising even more.
The same type of BS buyback program also ballooned in price...way back in 2004, as Mike explains.
Ottawa feds were, and still are, horrible at this.
Mike gets into the disgraceful mediocrity of this boondoggle.
Enjoy all this, and more, in an exceptional hour 1 from Mike.
Hour 2, segment 1: Mike goes through the daily Washington Times media update, and picks this one out.
(AUDIO) The latest and greatest from our crumbling public school system.
(AUDIO) Former Washington State trooper Robert LaMay joined Laura Ingraham to discuss the horrible state of affairs in Jay Inslee's state of Washington.
Has a sleeping giant been awoken by Gov Inslee?
Mike gets into this.
Mike gives some analysis of the Netflix employee walkout over Dave Chappelle's
It's silly.
It's rediculous.
But Chappelle knew the publicity he would create.
Besides, both he and Netflix already have the money in the bank.
They could care less about this.
Hour 2, segment 2: (AUDIO) San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX condemns comments made by Steven Crowder about one of their reporters, Debby Yu.
Mike rolls Crowder's audio. Is it condemnable, or funny?
Take a listen.
The State Department is being mocked over celebrating International Pronouns Day, amid global crisis.
Skewed priorities are the norm for this government.
(AUDIO) In honor of International Pronouns Day, a little fag talk.
Mike emphasizes the need to continue holding the line against all the mandates and tyranny which surrounds us all.
Over the course of history, there have been tough times all over the globe.
Look at Britain during the blitzkrieg, or the gulags of the former Soviet Union.
Remember, everything has a shelf life.
Enjoy all this, and more, in a spectacular hour 2 from Mike.

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