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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1: The amazing Kevin Annett joins us once again today.
Kevin dropped by today today to discuss his most recent video about his ancestors, and a few things he's been involved with lately, which include exposing what the Canadian government is doing to cover up their crimes.
What Kevin had to say about his ancestors explains alot about himself, which he gets into.
He also discusses his new weekly bulletin, "Annett's Weekly," which is written. Kevin will also be broadcasting readings of the bulletin as well.
See below for contact info to receive the bulletin.
Kevin mentions some of the subject matter in his bulletins, which should whet the appetite of all truth seekers.
A documentary film from the Catholic church and the Canadian government about the Kamloops Residential school?
As much of a whitewash as that will end up being, Mike and Kevin discuss it.
The big pharma juggernaut is also discussed, in relation to testing on children which took place in the residential schools.
The only things new in history are things many people don't know about.
It would seem that the Catholic church and complicit governments are trying to stave off judgement.
Kevin gets into human sacrifices in the Vatican, as well as eye witnesses to them.
So much horror that will eventually hit the fan.
The 9th circle cannibalistic cult is also a part of this very intriguing and shocking conversation, which continues in segment 2.
Hour 1, segment 2: This revelatory conversation with Mr. Annett continues, as he relates a story about a Cree man who went through Residential school torture.
This man, Frank, stood on direct truthfulness to cause heavy handed police to flee at a freedom rally.
Now we all find ourselves on a reservation, where governments seek to have total control.
This spiritual battle we are in can't be won overnight, as Kevin says.
Personal jurisdiction, as well as taking personal responsibility, is an essential in going forward.
May God bless Kevin Annett in all of his brilliant work.
Listen IN FULL!
Write to Kevin and subscribe to his bulletin:
Hour 2, segment 1: Canadian unions and the Liberal govt are coming around to the fact that the havoc Joe Biden is wreaking on Canada is worse than anything they perceived from Trump.
Are lazy crane operators the cause of backlogs at ports? One truck driver has posted a video from the port of Tacoma, Washington, where he suggests this is what is happening.
Mike gets into this scenario, and offers examples as to how workers can get their noses out of shape to the detriment of an entire operation or company.
(AUDIO) The Daily Show tries once again to make hating America funny, but the failure in doing so is predictable.
They sent some idiot to a Trump rally in Iowa, who is a pathetically pandering toad.
Absolutely talentless, tasteless...and not funny. These people should be denied ammunition for their attacks.
Mike gets into this with some brilliant analysis and spot on commentary.
Hour 2, segment 2: Our dear friend Kevin J. Johnston joins the program for this segment.
Kevin came by to discuss yesterday's election in Calgary, in which he was a candidate for mayor, and how the whole shebang reeks of fraud.
Is the democratic process in Canada completely dead? Kevin J.explains how this looks to be the case.
Kevin, praise God, will remain in the continuing fray.
Keep up with him at the links below:
Enjoy this magnificent hour 2

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