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Summary by Peyton Smith
Apologies to our listeners for the technical difficulties yesterday, which do happen from time to time in the biz of live radio.
Hour 1, segment 1: (AUDIO) Bill Shatner shares his before and after sentiments concerning his trip into space.
Unfortunately, pre launch,Bill does descend into a bit of climate hysteria.
Post launch, Shat seemed different, rambling, and a bit humbled.
Mike gives the audio some analysis and commentary.
(AUDIO) Shat's classic rendition of Rocket Man rounds things out.
RCMP on Vancouver Island are investigating after the doors of a vaccine clinic in Langford were glued shut.
No word on how many lives were saved by this horrible incident.
Mike gets into this a bit.
A Canadian serial murderer, known as the happy face killer, breaks his silence about the methods of his grisly crimes.
As disgusting as this is, Mike brings a perspective to this story that shouldn't be ignored.
Hour 1, segment 2: One time Superman, Dean Cain, points out the fact that Superman coming out today is neither bold or brave.
He's actually right. In today's world, everything is gay.
(AUDIO) Another excellent report from Greg Reese titled " The Killshot."
(AUDIO) Australia is lowering the boom again, with mandatory vax for service workers.
(AUDIO) Despite the actions in Australia, vaccine resistance continues to stay strong.
Mike analyzes this John Bound report with fresh perspective.
John Gruden's unceremonious, unnecessary sacking from his job as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders is next in the news.
Mike reinforces just how ridiculous this whole charade is.
Enjoy all this, and more, in a tremendous hour 1 from Mike.
Hour 2, segment 1: (AUDIO) BBC Anchor Claims Arguing Against Surveillance State "Was A Fair Talking Point In The '90's, But People Are Over That Now."
Mike gets into this audio, where a BBC wonk tries to tell a woman what's good for her, but she had none of it.
(AUDIO) A Global News report on the reopening of the U.S. land border.
The similarities in Global and CNN reporting are striking, as Mike points out.
(AUDIO) Tucker Carlson speaks on lunacy and Justin Trudeau with Lebanese Canadian Psychologist, Gad Saad.
Hour 2, segment 2: (AUDIO) Premier Jason Kenney's Thanksgiving message to Albertans, which is all about hospital workers, set to sickly sweet acoustic guitar.
He uses Thanksgiving to talk about prosperity, which has long been crushed in Alberta by many...including his own government through horrible decisions.
Mike ties into the Premier good and proper.
Lightning up a bridge isn't free speech, an Edmonton court rules.
At least not if it's on behalf of a pro life group.
Mike unpacks this completely irrational court decision.
(AUDIO) Sen. Rand Paul continues to represent and support all who are against being vaccinated. He's standing with all who wish to remain un poisoned, and encourages all to stand against mandates.
Excellent work, Senator.
A U.S. Army bishop has said that catholic troops shouldn't be mandated to take the vaccine on religious grounds.
Mike gets into this in depth.
(AUDIO) An Aussie politician warns that the current police state perpetrators down under have until the end of October to back away from the madness they are inflicting.
Enjoy all this, and much more, in a very exciting hour 2 from Mike.

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