Episode 47: Not here, Not this, Not self


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Today we feature Ben McCarthy.
An electronic musician and sound artist from Toronto, Canada. His work is produced intuitively, meticulously arranging found sound, samples, and software to make music that slips in-and-out of various genres.
He has given us free rein of 3 of his excuisite tracks from his up coming album DECORATIVE ARTS which will be available digitally from Bandcamp released on 25th June,
s+h ground at 24:12
After Anomie at 29:010
& All our happy days are stupid at 38:33
"The songs collected here are more exploratory than experimental. Pushing to make an
mp3 of the sounds and songs I heard seeded in generative melodies, field recordings, sampled videos, and free software. Made over countless smoky nights begun after my bbs were in bed, ending in the wincing chirrup of dawn birds. Lubricated by too much of my best friend’s rye. And just dumbly grasping for that sound, watching my breath unfurl between the monitors."
A bath of experimental / explorational ambient that fits very nicely within our world.
Get yourselves over to Bandcamp and show some love,
Original album artwork by Saira Sabri.

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