AGNB Episode 44 @vvitches_ (AUDIO)


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Happy Graduation to all the graduate's Post-Covid 2021, Happy Juneteenth, and Happy Fathers Day Weekend. We have a special, special episode for you today. @vvitches_ (Witches) allowed us access to his musical process and gave us two musical performances. @supa seyan santi visited him in Albany NY, where he was able to sit down with the young prodigy, learn what motivates him to make music, and how he came up with the name vvitches (Pronouned Witches). Sit back, relax and enjoy the VIBE! Be on the lookout for music Videos presented in this Episode "Atmosphere" (mm 12:45) "Crash" (mm 37:33) You can donate to All Gas No Breaks Podcast link:

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