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The Gas is Hot in this Episode. We had the pleasure and blessing to sit down with the young mogul Gorgeous of It's Gorgeous Musique @itsgorgeousmusique, we were able to pull him away from his busy schedule and grab some Fried Seafood out in NW DC. He provided his thoughts on the recent Riots in the Nationals Capital, and most importantly he provided us more information about what it means to be Gorgeous. Its Gorgeous Musique offers Artist Management, Distribution, Consultation, Manufacturing, Recording Studio, & Promotions.

Be on the lookout for music Videos presented in this Episode from It's Gorgeous Musique Artists - Thee Kidd, and Traffic

Thee Kidd - "1st Place" (mm 23:47)

Traffic ft. ScHoolboy Q and T.F (1:06:47)

Sit back and enjoy and of course make sure to cop some gas.

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