Breaking Into Real Estate Through Wholesaling with Chris Craddock


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Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Podcast! I’m your host, AJ Osborne.

Today we’re talking real estate! One of my favorite things to talk about! And it’s not just me that you get to listen to today, it’s the one and only Chris Craddock.

Chris is one heck of a busy guy but he’s taking the time to hang out with us today and share some great insights into the various aspects of real estate that he’s invested in. We’re talking everything from flips and wholesaling, to agent teams, to insurance businesses, and even mortgage lending… he’s involved with it all.

We dive into how he got started in wholesaling and exactly how he went about building his retail team and wholesaling company. This is something I get asked about frequently so it’s awesome to have Chris on to talk about this very subject and help give you ideas on how you too could get started in wholesaling real estate.

Thanks for listening everybody! AJ

Keep up with Chris on social media and his website:

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