Teaching the ABC's of the One, Two, Threes


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We've heard before in many sectors and areas of expertise.. if you can't do, teach!
Although that might be true is certain professions, that can't be said for math.
To teach math, you have to know the material and know it well.
In this episode of After Math, co-hosts Sarah and Ifaz talk about teaching math with Vincent Chan, a researcher turned teacher who shares important math skills with his own children and others.

This is a great episode for Moms and Dads struggling to make math add up for their kids.
Guest Vincent Chan
Vincent completed a Bachelor's of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo (2009), double majoring in pure mathematics and applied mathematics, before staying on to complete a Masters of Mathematics in pure math (2010), then went to UBC for his PhD (2014). He has taught at both UBC and U of C. Since then he's become a K-12 math teacher at Renert School. In his free time, he coaches students in competition math and has volunteered with the math outreach team at U of C. He's worked with extremely strong students in both Calgary and Edmonton to further their passion in math. In 2018, he was named one of the coaches for Team Canada in the International Math Olympiad held in Romania.
Renert School Website
Facebook account for Renert School https://www.facebook.com/renertschool
Some of Vincent's favourite math puzzles
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