BONUS: Unpacking the $ATRU Social Token with Andrew Berkowitz Part 1 - Re-imagining Media Ownership


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In this special bonus episode (the first of a two-part conversation), Socialstack Co-founder and CEO Andrew Berkowitz joins African Tech Roundup Co-founder and Executive Producer Andile Masuku to unpack the rationale behind the launch of the $ATRU token—which the two organisations have partnered to launch on the Celo blockchain. PRESS RELEASE: CREATE A CELO ACCOUNT: RESOURCES ON SOCIAL TOKENS AND THE CELO BLOCKCHAIN: Exploring the social token revolution ( Social Tokens: A Potential Growth Opportunity For Your Brand (,cryptocurrencies%20like%20Bitcoin%20or%20Ether.) Social Tokens: Get Ready for the Next Massive Crypto Trend ( You had me at “Celo” — Why build on the Celo blockchain ( HAVE YOUR SAY: Click on the UNAJUA tab at ( and leave us a 60-second voice note with your reaction to this episode. (We will include some of your audio takes in future follow-up episodes.) SUPPORT US: Back our independent media-making efforts by becoming a Patreon ( Image credit: Uriel SC

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