Episode 9: Limiting Beliefs and Liberation ~ JTD & Teri Karjala


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In this episode of Adversity to Inspiration: The JTD Coaches Me Podcast, Health, Weight Loss, and Mindset Coach, Joann Tierney-Daniels, has a compelling conversation with Teri Karjala.

Trapped by the belief that she wasn't enough, Teri finally chose to trust the power within herself. Teri made the decision to stop letting the past define her. In that moment, her life began to transform. Now, Teri is the owner of Creative Counseling Center, a published author, and highly credentialed and experienced trauma therapist who utilizes an integrative approach to exam and address people's deepest pain points. She is on a mission to help 1 million women free themselves from limiting beliefs and find their magic within.

To learn more about Joann Tierney-Daniels visit https://www.jtdcoachesme.com. You can find additional information about Teri Karjala on Instagram @talkingwithteri.

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