10 in 10 Series: Episode 4 ~ JTD & Athanasia Houvarda


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For her special re-launch series Adversity to Inspiration, Joann Tierney-Daniels, a Health, Weight Loss, and Mindset coach, sits down with 10 special guests who have overcome adversity and are impacting the world in a positive manner. In this episode, Joann poses her signature series question, "What was a pivotal moment in your life you didn’t see coming that changed the trajectory of your life and prompted some form of personal growth?" to Athanasia Houvarda.
At just 23, a devastating car accident left Athanasia with extreme injuries and burns covering 74% of her body. The accident also claimed the lives of 2 dear friends and started a catalyst effect, prompting her to lose everything, including her marriage. Despite her anguish, Athanasia was determined to survive. Now, she's on a journey to educate other young people about traffic safety and the potential consequences of living life recklessly.

To learn more about Joann Tierney-Daniels visit https://www.jtdcoachesme.com. You can find additional information about Athanasia Houvarda on Instagram @nasia.xou.

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