10 in 10 Series: Episode 3 ~ JTD & Marlisse Hardamon


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For her special re-launch series Adversity to Inspiration, Joann Tierney-Daniels, a Health, Weight Loss, and Mindset coach, sits down with 10 special guests who have overcome adversity and are impacting the world in a positive manner. In this episode, Joann poses her signature series question, "What was a pivotal moment in your life you didn’t see coming that changed the trajectory of your life and prompted some form of personal growth?" to Marlisse Hardamon.
Marlisse Hardamon, is a hero, but not only of her own story. Marlisse is a childhood sexual assault and trauma survivor, a teacher, life coach, and the founder and CEO of Transformation Speaks, a speaking organization dedicated to providing a voice to the voiceless and moving victims from tragedy to triumph. You will be shocked and amazed by her story, strength, and resiliency. She utilized her pain and inspiration to develop a mission dedicated to showing others how to find a place of wholeness, peace, and joy. Through a remarkable story of forgiveness, Marlisse forgave her abuser and transformed her trauma into triumph.

To learn more about Joann Tierney-Daniels visit https://www.jtdcoachesme.com. You can find additional information about Marlisse Hardamon on Instagram @transformationspeaks1.

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