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The story of one of America's most infamous - and influential - performance traditions, as it specifically relates to the history of theater in Philadelphia.
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An additional blog post, with the complete entry from The New York Clipper about the 'Ira Aldridge Troupe' in 1863, can be found here:
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Music heard on this episode:
1) Intro music (Philadelphia Minstrels): from "Minstrel First Part, No. 4, by The Georgia Minstrels"
2) "An Evening with Minstrels, No. 6"
3) "Ring the Banjo" by Stephen Foster
4) "I Cannot Sing the Old Songs" sung by Richard J. Jose
5) "Oh, Susanna!" by Stephen Foster
6) "Old Dan Tucker" sung by Jack Nuckols, Mark Meadows and Stephanie Meadows
7) "Buffalo Gal", played by The Pickard Family
8) "Listen to the Mockingbird", played by the Foggy Mountain Boys
9) "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny", by James Bland, sung by Marian Anderson (1944)

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