Ep. 856: FKT of the Sierra Peak Section List - Nathan Longhurst and Travis Soares


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The Sierra Peaks Section is a list of 247 significant peaks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. We caught up with Nathan Longhurst and Travis Soares right as they were getting ready to enter Yosemite Valley for the some of the most epic terrain of the entire effort. Since this interview, they both independently finished the challenge and became the fastest people to do so with over 1,800 miles, 700,000 feet.

Retrace their efforts unfold in real-time on their website, sps2022.com.

They supported the Bishop Paiute Food Sovereignty Program through this adventure.

Travis’ Stats - @travis.soares

  • 1890.25 miles
  • 729,569 vertical feet

Nathan’s Stats - @nathan358

  • 1928.25 miles
  • 784,910 vertical feet


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