Yukon Travel - Clinton Smout


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Clinton Smout, a regular on our Rider Skills segments, just returned from a trip to the Yukon, where he was the sweep and support rider for a commercial trip organizer. While he was on the trip, Jim and Clinton connected to talk about the Yukon and his experience in the Dusk to Dawn event in Dawson. After Clinton arrived back in Ontario, he called us up to tell us more about his trip and to give us some tips for riding in the Yukon, an amazing motorcycle destination in Canada. Photos and links can be found on our website at adventureriderradio.com. If you've enjoyed this show please tell your friends, family and riding buddies about it. If you'd like to help out we'd love to get your support and to say thanks we'll send you stickers and maybe even give you a shout out on RAW.

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