Part 1: Bald Bryan’s Birthday, plus Trending Topics (ACS Sept 14)


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Adam opens today’s show reminiscing about the good ol’ days of first class flying. Bald Bryan then shares his latest health update… some good news just in time for Bryan’s birthday. From there, Adam talks about his upcoming weekend travel for the wedding of Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter, and they go on to discuss a vintage Coors commercial, how Subaru has changed their messaging over the years, and Bill Maher’s thoughts on the death of language. Later, Producer Chris joins the studio with some Trending Topics including the importance of ‘grip’ in our society, a cat saved from falling at a Miami Hurricanes game, ‘cricket dog’, Patton Oswalt canceling tour dates because they wouldn’t comply with COVID safety compliances, Howard Stern’s thoughts on the pandemic, and Conor McGregor fighting with Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs. Before the break, the guys discuss some other highlights from the VMAs. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM PlutoTV

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