2021: A Record Breaking Season? | ATFS 6


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Lots of good convo this week. 2nd Rank Iowa goes down to Purdue. Coach O OUT of LSU, Tennessee with its heart breaking ending and Caleb Williams looking like a STUD.
Then for NFL, are we setting up for a RECORD BREAKING SEASON? Trevon Diggs BALLIN, Derrick Henry NOT HUMAN, Tom Brady IMMORTAL. Wild time to be a fan of the game.
Alex talks Aaron Rodgers owning the Bears, Boys talk Jags getting their first win and more.
Tons of college predictions for week 8 because Tyler is desperate for some Ws after going 4-20 over the last 3 weeks.
Then NFL predictions for week 7.

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Go Bears, Go Bills, Go Canes, Go Nittany Lions

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