Kayla Douthitt - What’s Eating You?


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As a teenager, Kayla Douthitt was doing the best she could to fit in. Although this is a natural developmental need, Kayla was also managing anxiety and perfectionism. This created the ideal conditions for one of the most difficult mental health conditions to move in and take over her life.

After 10 years of battling low self-esteem, limiting her food intake, and cycling through the turbulent nature of an eating disorder, Kayla understands the long road to recovery. It is when her body said “NO” and panic attacks sent out warning signs that Kayla realized she needed help.

Sometimes the unhealthiest coping skills can feel like a familiar friend. One that is seductive and makes all kinds of promises. “You will be more popular; or “You will make the team”.

Seven years into recovery, and now a mother, podcast host and life coach, Kayla is on fire for helping others. With a renewed zest for life, Kayla shares her insights and the resilience strategies she has come to rely on.
Website: www.wisdomnwellnessky.com
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