A podcast host, a pastor and a theologian walk into a (coffee) bar, and the host asks...why is there suffering? With Dr Bethany Sollereder


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Ok, so it’s not a bar, it’s a kindly provided office at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion but it contains coffee and good company so it’s close enough. My name is Louise and I am your podcast host. I am joined by Pastor Andy Waddams of Gallery Church in Birmingham and theologian Dr Bethany Sollereder to talk about suffering. Welcome to the T H O U G H T bar! I’m afraid you’ll have to buy your own drink…

Bethany’s resources:

Why is there suffering? Pick your own theological expedition

God, Evolution, and Animal Suffering: Theodicy without a Fall

Numerous podcasts – search ‘Bethany Sollereder’

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With special thanks to the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at the University of Cambridge: faraday.cam.ac.uk

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