Live from Brazil: How to Cure Your Anxiety


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You are taking a step in the right direction by tuning in. Welcome to A Mental Health Break, where mental health advocates and professionals share their "WHY" relating to mental health and stream from around the world to help you on your journey.
Did you have a past relationship that caused trauma? Do you suffer from Anxiety and PTSD? Daniel Packard is here to share his story, what helped in recover, and his tools for eliminating anxiety.

Meet Packard:

After falling in love and then staying in a relationship too long, today’s guest ended up with anxiety and PTSD. And after a year of trying different modalities, he found that while therapy and personal development had a lot of helpful tools, these tools were mostly focused on managing the symptoms. But not really solving things permanently.
Daniel spent ten years to reverse engineer a process that if you work the steps, the anxiety and PTSD is permanently gone. In as little as 4 weeks.
Daniel Packard has developed an innovative inner technology that can help you be permanently free of anxiety and as little as four weeks. Or you don’t pay.
Today’s guest is also the author of: Simple Mechanics of Confidence: A playful, practical guide to understanding where real confidence comes from and how to create it quickly. The reason this book is called ‘Simple Mechanics of Confidence’ is because it is just that...simple. It takes you on a simple, fact-based, logical journey where the end result is that it’s impossible to not see your inherent lovability.
And because our guest was a stand-up comedian for fifteen years, so he made sure to make this book fun, playful and funny.
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