Archaic Drum


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The Archaic Drum Podcast hosted by James Benton, enters into conversation with various visionaries, teachers and free thinkers discussing a variety of topics which are oriented towards creating personal and global transformation. We hope that through these discussions to arrive at a deeper understanding into the nature of positive change by drawing on the wisdom and teachings of those who have committed their lives in their own unique ways to making a difference in the world. The topics in discussion will include, but not limited to, indigenous wisdom teachings, the use of plant medicines, particularly the psychedelic "entheogens" that are rapidly being discovered to be powerful tools for healing and personal/global transformation. We also take a look at non-psychedelic shamanic techniques and other transformational methodologies and practices. We are as well in conversation with various teachers from other traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism, the non-dual community, etc. Many of us are finding ourselves being faced with various challenges both internally and externally as we each try to discover our place and purpose amongst the vast changes that are now emerging. Here, we will be discovering ways to soar beyond these challenges in a way that is both empowering and liberating. We must at last recognize that we are not bound or limited by external conditions. Our method of transforming the whole begins within, realizing that we must find a clear and stable center in order to engender any truly meaningful change for ourselves or the world.

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