60 Years of Lava Lamp Innovation with Owner of Mathmos, Cressida Granger #S2E12


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The lava lamp is a legendary product that, while recognisable when compared with its original 1963 design, has continued to be iterated upon throughout its illustrious history. Who better to divulge how such a long-standing business like Mathmos continues to innovate well into the future than Cressida Granger, who’s owned the Poole-based company for over 30 years.

In this episode of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast, themed around innovation, we learn how inspiration for new products can come from anywhere, the business’ solutions to Brexit barriers as a D2C brand, and the support available to manufacturing businesses in the Dorset area.

This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:

  • How Mathmos developed the legendary lava lamp design
  • Mitigating Brexit’s effects on the business’ D2C model
  • Advice for selling into Europe, and which markets are experiencing major growth
  • Cressida’s experience hiring talented staff in the Dorset area

Links and references at: https://www.dorsetgrowthhub.co.uk/podcast

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