Carlos Reyes - 1,000+ Flips Since 2014; 5 Success Principles You Should Know Right Now


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God. Family. Hustle.

These core values have guided Carlos Reyes and the rest of the ALL IN Nation team in building a real estate powerhouse. As an illegal immigrant in his childhood, he had all the reasons to not pursue his dreams and make excuses, but he did not give up. What he did was invest in himself strategically and follow these 5 success principles that not only helped him in real estate but in his other endeavors as well.

Listen to Carlos and learn the 5 success principles you should know right now!

[00:01 - 04:32] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Carlos Reyes
  • Carlos shares his story immigrating to United States

[04:33 - 15:26] 5 Success Principles

  • The core values of All In Nation
  • What comes with great blessings?
  • Carlos’ 5 success principles

[15:27 - 25:30] Her Mother’s Journey

  • Why she decided to migrate to the United States
  • Her mindset that brought positive influence to Carlos

[25:31 - 36:06] Investing In Yourself Strategically

  • Dealing with anxiety and depression
  • The importance of investing in yourself strategically
  • Why money is freedom according to Carlos

[36:07 - 41:23] Real Estate Investing

  • Carlos shares his thoughts about investing in real estate
  • Money chases successful people
  • Why Carlos’ story is like “The Hero’s Journey”

[ 41:24 - 43:37] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Carlos
    • Links below
  • Final words from Carlos and me

Tweetable Quotes:

“With great blessings comes great responsibility.” - Carlos Reyes

“You only fail when you give up. You only fail when you quit.” - Carlos Reyes

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