Austin Linney - 20 Years as a Service Industry Veteran; What Entrepreneurs Should Know about Life and Career


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Austin Linney is a former service industry veteran of 20+ years turned serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and mindset and business coach. He is also the voice behind the inspiring podcast, “Construct Your Life With Austin Linney.” He joins us today to talk about his journey and the untold stories and tips that entrepreneurs need to hear right now. Living up to his podcast’s name, he wants to support people in constructing the life they really want to live.

Tune in now and construct your life with Austin!

[00:01 - 07:17] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Austin Linney and listen to this Airbnb story from Austin

[07:18 - 16:46] Facing Opportunities Read or Not

  • Don’t miss this little tip from Austin to help you gain knowledge
  • How to be ready in the face of opportunities

[16:47 - 26:24] No Choice But to Work

  • Austin walks us through his path to real estate investing
  • Dealing with personal issues and an untold truth about the restaurant industry
  • What Austin learned from his parents

[26:25 - 36:00] The Secret to Life

  • The beauty of podcasting and creating content available to the public
  • Why you should join a mastermind
  • The secret to life according to Austin

[36:01 - 46:46] Untold Life Tips

  • The problem with habits and daily activities
  • Connect with Austin
    • Links below
  • The importance of partnerships in closing deals worth millions of dollars

[46:47 - 51:31] Closing Segment

  • The book that Austin bought 60 times
  • Final words from Austin and me

Tweetable Quotes:

“Don’t be so steadfast in the way that you’re generating money out of your property that you’re not open to new things.” - Austin Linney

“There are people that are listening and watching that don’t click, like, or don’t comment, that you’re really affecting.” - Austin Linney

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