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Live improvised musical accompaniment for Vinyasa Flow Yoga by multi-instrumentalist Nathan Zavalney. Thank you to all of you have listened to this podcast of music for yoga over the last 3 years. This episode is a track from my upcoming release "Vinyasa Volume 2". This will be the fianl offering I am creating in podcast format. The podcast episodes take quite a lot of time to produce, and I have decided to refocus that time on creating new music for yoga and meditation. You can find my music for purchase and streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, CD Baby, and other streaming services. When you listen to my music through these services (whether buying or streaming) it supports me in continuing to create and share music! If you are a regular listener (or first time) drop me a line at I would love to hear from people who are enjoying the music about how you are using it! Find out more about music by Nathan Zavalney at . Also-check out Northwest Yogafeast at If you are an instructor or studio owner and would be interested in hosting a live music yoga event, or have suggestions for studios to visit please e-mail If you enjoy this podcast please take time to give a rating, review, and share with friends!This podcast consists of live recordings of Nathan playing for a weeekly Saturday morning class led by Brian Baty of Inner Harmony yoga in Missoula, Montana. The recording is music only, the instructors voice is not audible. These are solo improvised performances using no pre-recorded audio (with the exception of some nature soundscapes) created using a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments and live looping techniques. If you enjoy this podcast and would like to support it's production please go to to make a contribution to my account on the website Patreon. Find out more about Nathan's music at If you would like to bring Nathan to your studio for a Live Music Yoga event, please feel free to e-mail him at

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