My Journey Here: Interviews with Entrepreneurs


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Entrepreneurship success is not only about having a brilliant idea. Without the right guidance, you may find yourself in an extremely confusing and overwhelming situation. That’s why every aspiring business owner must learn from the people ahead of them. Dissecting triumphs and failures will reveal important lessons in establishing a thriving career.

In today’s busy world, the list of things you need to do every day can feel endless. It can often be difficult spending the little time you do have listening to boring, low-energy discussions or endlessly searching the web for tips from some of modern society’s most well-respected entrepreneurs. David Metz, Founder and CEO of Prizeout, provides a solution to this problem on My Journey Here: Interviews with Entrepreneurs.

Join David as he talks to forward-thinking entrepreneurs about the ins and outs of their industries. He goes way back to discover the origin of their business, the challenges they face, and the exciting opportunities on the horizon.

Born to two entrepreneurs, David has been in love with the world of business since a young age. This led to creating the trivia game FleetWit. From there, David sought out other entrepreneurial peers for advice, support, and mentorship. Working on his business opened his eyes to the need for profound brand innovations in the adtech space, specifically customer acquisition.

From this realization, David founded Prizeout. Here, he provides a space for businesses to gain more value, flexibility, and impact for their advertising dollars. This same purpose is brought to the podcast. David focuses on giving you the best business advice straight from the entrepreneurs and business leaders themselves.

This is unlike any other podcast out there because of its easy-to-digest format. Immerse yourself in informative, lively conversations between renowned business leaders. This is your chance to learn directly from the experts in a setting that allows every second to present something refreshing and valuable for the business venture you want to build.

Learn about the great lengths our guest entrepreneurs went through to achieve their current successes. Listen as they unravel the secrets behind their effective strategies to find out how to emulate them in your own work. Reflect on their past mistakes and the challenges they had to overcome. Gather valuable advice from the roadblocks they dealt with and determine what to do if you encounter these adversities.

If you think you lack the resources to learn new things and business strategies, think again. This informative podcast features unique discussions filled with useful tips, tried-and-true strategies, and valuable insights. By compiling all of this information in one place, we’ve created a show that is sure to inspire the next wave of great entrepreneurs.

David invites you to get out of your safe space, jump into the competitive market, and explore brand-new opportunities waiting for you out there. Never miss an episode, and you will surely widen your entrepreneurship skills, one conversation at a time.

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