Communication Transformation with Joshua Seth


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This is the show for people who want to improve their communication skills so you can speak with influence, communicate with confidence, and sound like a better version of you. Transforming your communication skills can help you capture attention, connect with people, drive decision making, close sales, and stand out as a leader in your field. Because no matter how much you know, you're only as successful as your ability to communicate it to others. I'm your host, Joshua Seth. I'm a keynote speaker on communication skills for sales and leadership. But I'm best known as the voice of dozens of animated TV shows and movies (Tai in Digimon, Tetsuo in Akira). I'm also an award winning mentalist who's traveled the globe amazing audiences through a combination of enhanced communication techniques (verbal, non-verbal, and body language) that create an emotional connection and influence decision making. Extraordinary communication skills are like a superpower and in this show I'll be sharing stories and ideas that will help you transform your communication... so when you speak, people listen. Show Notes: 🚀 Take the 30 Day Challenge and Transform Your Communication: ✅ Check out the transcript and links at 📷 Watch video clips from the episodes at 📚 Get Joshua's best-selling peak performance book for Free at 🎤 Get Joshua's Intro to Voice Acting Class for Free at 🎉 Have Joshua speak to your group about how to tranform their communication skills:

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