Creatively by Estelle | How to Sing, Be Creative, & Grow Your Creativity Through Singing, Musical Theatre, and Performing!


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Do you love singing and performing? Do you wish you had the courage to learn and sing your favorite Broadway songs or audition for local shows? Are you aspiring to sing with confidence, embrace your gifts, and be more creative? Do you feel like an imposter when it come to the arts and like your gifts don’t measure up? Did you grow up loving theatre, but felt you could never be a star on Broadway, so why even keep singing or exploring the arts? I get it, because I’ve been there. But I’m here to help you get out of imposter syndrome, fear, and self-doubt to help you finally start your creative journey in the performing arts! If you’ve always wanted to be a creative in the performing arts, this show is for YOU! You’ll hear from amazing creative, performing, and theatre artists and find tips to embrace your God-given creative gifts, grow your craft, and finally have the courage to be an artist! You have so much to offer as a person and artist, so let’s live this life, creatively!

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