Tamara Tamu Show-Where Dreams Have No Filter


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You are tuning into the Tamara Tamu Show; Where Dreams Have No Filter! I invite you to join me as we celebrate the messiness and curves of life discovered when we create and live life from possibilities. When we keep at the forefront of our minds that we are multi-dimensional masterpieces with unlimited potential, that is when we give ourselves permission to live and express ourselves out loud. We exude a particular essence and aura when we confidently live life outside those “practical and logical” borders created by family, society, and even ourselves! Our expressions are unique, so on this podcast, coloring outside of the lines is required! On this podcast you are going to be empowered and reminded of what is possible when we embrace all parts of ourselves leaving no gift unturned. With each episode you’ll step into more energy, more expansion, and deeper knowing of who you are. So together, we are going to celebrate the sound of our freedom that guides us to create the iconic, plush, and beautiful lives we envision- Cheers to that celebration! So grab your water, coffee, smoothie, tea, or dirty martini with extra olives, let’s go!

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