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Ready to launch a business from home but aren’t sure where to start? Tired of wasting time and money with programs and strategies that just don’t work? Wish there was a way to grow an online business without sacrificing your family life? Desperate for someone to hold your hand and tell you what to do next? In this podcast, you’ll find easy-to-implement marketing strategies designed to help BUSY MOMS increase visibility online. My mission is to equip you to attract your ideal clients, make more money, and create a bigger impact, through content marketing and systematization. So, if you’re ready to say YES to a business growth strategy that doesn’t deplete your energy or have you doing “all the things”, then you’re in the right place, mama! Hey, I’m Sarah Brumley. I’m a wife, mama to three, Daughter of the King, and a hobby blogger turned CEO. For years, I chased the idea that I had to use every free hour of my day in order to build a successful business. I wasted money on productivity apps and a tech stack that the gurus promised would make my life easier and my business run on autopilot. Spoiler alert: It didn’t! After a full-blown burnout, I finally realized that if I was going to succeed in my business without depleting my energy or neglecting my family - I needed to do the things I knew would move the needle - content marketing, creating clear boundaries, and setting up systems that WORKED FOR ME, not the opposite way around. That’s exactly what I did and now I can’t wait to share that strategy with you! So, if you’re ready to create a bigger impact at home and in business, without the guesswork, this podcast is for you! Strap the kid into the stroller or grab that lukewarm coffee and let’s get to it. This is Mama Business. Podcast -> Learn -> Connect ->

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