Change Your Pet's Behavior


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What would be different for you if you knew you could guide your pet through any situation? How much more would you enjoy your pet if their behavior was no longer a problem for you? Enjoying your pet and having the behavior you want is possible for you. Change Your Pet's Behavior is a podcast for pet owners who want to build the practical skills and confidence to handle whatever their pet throws at them. Dr. Stephanie Beeson, life coach, veterinarian, and certified pet trainer, has been working with pets professionally for over 20 years and is a pet owner herself, so she knows that the physical and behavioral health of pets can make owners feel overwhelmed and anxious. That is why she is sharing tools, ideas and stories that will help you develop the skills you need to confidently guide your pet through day-to-day life - right here, week after week. If you are ready to have a thriving relationship with your pet, this is the show for you! Find out more at

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