Evening's Kingdom


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An epic fantasy, written and read by Paula Schmidt. Ouma, a reluctant young shaman, journeys across an ancient, magical kingdom in search of revenge… and is guided by otherworldly allies and unlikely friends into unlocking a whole new world. EVENING’S KINGDOM is a dark and dreamy epic fantasy series, celebrating love, fate and friendship. While I write Book Three, I’m recording Books One and Two (all 600 pages!) and making the audio available for free worldwide. If you’re enjoying the tale, please subscribe via EveningsKingdom.com, and I’ll email you when each new episode is up :) To help the story find more listeners, please subscribe on iTunes and leave a 5 star review. I read each one, and your support really helps! Thank you so much for listening. Please stay tuned; the rest of the story is just down the road. Warm regards, Paula

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