Growing Up With Tech


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As a parent and a bit of a tech geek myself, I've instilled an interest in different technology with my kids as they have grown up. From seeing how they used an iPad as a toddler, to teaching them about online safety with social media and online gaming it’s been interesting to see how kids grow up with tech.There are so many different ways technology can have an impact on a child's life - both good and bad. Join me as we talk about different issues related to technology and kids. As a parent, we have a role in guiding how our kids use technology and we’ll cover different topics so that you, as a parent, are better equipped to make your own decisions. We’ll also have discussions about issues that our children face, as they grow up in this digital age, so that they can experience, learn, become creative and possibly find their own passion through a hobby or future career.Topics May Include: Online Safety, Social Media, Learning With Tech, Tech In The Home, Product Reviews, Psychology Of Technology, Inspiring “Good” With Tech & Dealing With The “Bad” Impacts Of Tech Time.

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