Wellness Action Recovery The W.A.R. Podcast with Fonda Bryant


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My podcast is centered around mental health and suicide prevention two causes that don't get a lot of positivity in society or in the media. I will be sharing my personal struggles with mental health and suicide but will also through my journey provide positivity and HOPE. Sharing experiences with some of the people I have helped and haven't been able to help, helpful tips to help you through a bad day or even a good one, and keep you on the road to mental wellness. Mental health doesn't discriminate. Lastly, I will take news and sports stories and look at them through the mental health lens. We have got to quit asking, "What is wrong with you and instead ask, What happened to you?" There is a BIG difference between the two questions. Join me to learn, to get educated, and to get inspired! #MentalHealthMatters

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