13-Year-Old Parenting Montana Tools


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Your thirteen-year-old is in the process of carving out their identity, and their measuring stick is often their peers’ opinions and approval. They come to better understand themselves through interactions with you, their teachers, and their peers. This is a critical time to teach your child/teen how to manage their own actions, problem solve, and make healthy decisions. ParentingMontana.org brings parents and those in a parenting role this podcast to provide a process and tools to support your child/teen in developing critical social and emotional skills required for success now and in the future. Approaching interactions with your child/teen using the process offered in this podcast will build the strong relationship essential to managing challenges today and in the coming years. Each stage in your child’s/teen’s life comes with excitement as well as struggles to navigate. Parenting is not an easy journey. Parents and those in a parenting role have access to tools for each age from ParentingMontana.org. The Montana Department of Health and Human Services collaborated with the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University to support strong mental, emotional, and behavioral development through ParentingMontana.org. The process and tools were initially developed for parents in Montana, yet these parenting skills are applicable for parents everywhere. The process you will learn in this podcast, brought to you by ParentingMontana.org, allows you to engage your child/teen using the following five steps: Gain Input, Teach, Practice, Support, and Recognize. As this process becomes natural in your daily interactions with your child/teen, you will be empowered to resolve parenting challenges while nurturing your relationship. You will already be comfortable with the five-step process as your parenting skills evolve with child’s/teen’s growth. Healthy communication skills paired with a strong relationship allow parents and those in a parenting role to engage their child/teen to work through challenges. This engagement and learning prepares your child/teen with the skills necessary for enduring success. The tools available for parenting your thirteen-year-old include: Anger, Back Talk, Bullying, Chores, Confidence, Conflict, Discipline, Establishing Rules About Alcohol, Friends, Homework, Listening, Lying, Mixed Messages About Alcohol, Peer Pressure, Reading, Routines, and Stress. Investing in yourself as a parent now will benefit your child/teen for a lifetime!

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