Tools for Your 10-Year-Old


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Ten years old -- already a decade of life! Engaging and connecting with your ten-year-old now will make a huge difference in how well they are able to navigate the next decade of their life. Children are more likely to learn how to manage their own behaviors, solve problems, and make responsible decisions when they are intentionally engaged. Now is the right time for parents and those in a parenting role to support their child in growing confidence, respect, and the ability to make healthy choices. shares a process and tools in this podcast that gives you small things that you can try right now to cultivate your child’s healthy development. The skills you will gain in this podcast will turn your daily interactions with your ten-year-old into relationship building, learning experiences. Practicing this type of engagement will help your child develop the social and emotional skills they need to be successful now and in the future. Each stage in a child’s life brings parents and those in a parenting role many joys as well as apprehensions. Parenting is not easy. provides resources for parenting needs that evolve with their child’s growth. The Montana Department of Health and Human Services collaborated with the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University to promote healthy mental, emotional, and behavioral development through Although originally created for parents and those in a parenting role in Montana, parents everywhere can benefit from sharpening their skills with these tools and resources. Utilizing the tools in this podcast will prepare you for each stage of your child’s life as you engage them using a five-step process: Gain Input, Teach, Practice, Support, and Recognize. You will be ready to meet parenting issues while strengthening your relationship with your child and encouraging healthy development. As your child’s needs evolve, you can use the same process to support their growth. In addition to a trusting relationship, strong communication skills enable parents and those in a parenting role to actively work through challenges alongside their children. Taking the time to learn how to engage your child in communicating and solving problems builds the skills they need for lifelong success. The tools available for parenting your ten-year-old include: Anger, Back Talk, Bullying, Chores, Confidence, Conflict, Discipline, Friends, Homework, Listening, Lying, Tantrums, Mixed Messages About Alcohol, Reading, Routines, Sharing, and Stress. Listen now to support your child’s healthy growth!

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