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Does technology just keep us all chained to our desks, glued to our screens and slumped on our sofas, or can we harness it to help us all to move more, do more and feel happier, more energetic, focused and creative? eWorklife is about work, life and wellbeing: the podcast where we talk to researchers in the field about productivity, wellbeing and work-life balance. We talk to scientists and others who can help us make the most of our technology to get our work done, keep connected to others, and support our health and wellbeing. Your host is Anna Cox, Professor of Human Computer Interaction at UCL in London. Her guests are colleagues and collaborators – all experts who are breaking new ground in fields as diverse as psychology, technology design and artificial intelligence. Anna gets up close and personal in a series of revealing interviews in which her guests share their personal journeys as researchers, how they got to where they are, and what they’ve learned along the way, as well as the secrets of their research, and the new discoveries they’re making about how technology can help us to thrive at work and in our home lives. Find out more about eWorkLife, including tips for managing your own wellbeing and work-life balance, on our website https://www.eworklife.co.uk/ Episode transcripts and show-notes: https://www.eworklife.co.uk/podcast/ Follow us on twitter @_e_worklife and @annacox_ Music credit: ScottHolmesMusic.com Season 1 producer: Clare Casson eWorkLife is powered by UCL Minds

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