180 Grams


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180 Grams: the stories behind remarkable albums.

180 Grams? The weight of a collector's edition vinyl record.

We'll take you right into the process of albums you love, as told by the key players.

The studio bickering, main stage triumphs, tense late night phone calls and sold out launches.

It's an Access All Areas listening experience that pulls apart how records are conceived, born and grow up in public, from the early demos to the risky creative decisions right up to the finished product.

You'll hear fresh stories from the bands, managers, label big wigs and small wigs, booking agents, icons, all eager to talk about their part in a modern classic.

180 Grams will help you hear albums in a new light, beamed into your brain from a different angle with a deeper perspective and juicy, often spicy insights.

Hosted by Mikey Cahill, music and culture journalist.

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