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At the heart of Pivot with Purpose is the moment a person decides to make a change in their life or their career, despite the odds, despite the challenges. Professionals from all backgrounds share their personal stories, how they overcame obstacles and fear in order to experience more purpose and joy by pivoting. Their stories motivate, inspire, and encourage listeners to take control of their lives and forge their own destinies.Host, Meghan Houle, is an ACC accredited Professional Career & Business coach. She is the creator of the Meghan Houle-METHOD, which compliments her role as a Sr. Executive Recruiter engaged in hiring expert talent for top global brands in the specialty and luxury space across North America. Meghan prides herself on building relationships. She is a seasoned luxury retailer who turned her passion for people into executive recruiting and career coaching. Her authentic nature and spirit are what she brings to the process every step of the way, helping her clients through every step in the delicate process of a career transition. She is the master of the pivot!For more information about her work, visit MeghanHoule.com.Pivot with Purpose with Meghan Houle is part of the FC Podcasts network, a subsidiary of Fashion Consort.

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