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Welcome to The Midlife CEO Podcast where Business Coach & Strategist Jeannie Spiro teaches you how to take your coaching business to 6-figures and beyond at midlife. After starting her business at the height of her sales career and with the empty nest looming overhead; Jeannie found herself in the midst of a midlife reinvention choosing to put her energy into growing a coaching business that would allow for more money and freedom in the next stage of life. Learning all things marketing and money-making, she discovered how to take the guesswork out of growing a coaching business and made her first multiple 6-figures in just 12 months. If you’re working toward your first $50K, $100K, or $250K and you’d like to discover the secrets to growing a lifestyle based coaching business at midlife, join Jeannie and her guests as they reveal their best kept secrets to creating a 6 or 7-figure lifestyle-based business.

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