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Globalactive agitates, educates, organises, creates seeking to nurture individuals and networks in building a resourceful community alive to, active and potently addressing the collective challenges of contemporary society. Through our podcast we broadcast globalactive thought-bombs, exploding globalactive mutative materials for a neohumanist, post-capitalist world. We broadcast from Nyoongar boodjar also known as Perth Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world. We look to the leadership and the ancient wisdom of Aboriginal Elders both past and present and to other Traditional Owners around the world recognising they are the caretakers of a repertory of knowledge that is essential to our continued existence now and into the future. With the commons as our north star and peer-to-peer (P2P) as the way we engage in discourse with those active in movements for a New Economy, a Solidarity Economy, for PROUT, and other connected, parallel, interwoven, intersectional movements for social, economic and environmental justice. Together we strive for our individual and collective emancipation. Globalactivity radiates…. positive mutations for self and planet!

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