Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents


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The Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents podcast was created by Jenn Earley out of insight that many travel agents know the industry hands down - but could use some assistance in creating impactful marketing to capture the attention of their target clients.

Jenn is a marketing strategist by training, having 15+ years of marketing experience working with brands of various industries. The insight that Jenn brings in the Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents podcast is unique as she is a travel agent as well. The intersection where Jenn's marketing and travel industry experience meets helps to deliver impactful weekly episodes to the travel agent community.

This podcast is for ALL travel agents, regardless of years of experience in the travel industry. There will surely be insights and inspiration that can help travel agents and owners move their travel business further, faster.

If you haven't done so already - please remember to join the Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents Facebook Group where we will keep the conversation going!

Also check out Amplified Marketing Services - the company that made this happen!!

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