Sherlock Holmes - The Adventure of the Black Peter


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Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Translated By: Utsa Tarafdar
Produced by: 221B Harrison Road
Language: Bengali
Type : Story
Format : Audio Story
Genre : Crime
Dr. Watson: Prattyay
Sherlock Holmes : Sumitendra
Stanley Hopkins : Riddhendu
Mrs Hudson : Nargish
John Neligan : Srijan
Patrick Cuirenz : Satyaki
Welcome to 221B Harrison Road🎩,
Come inside, let us take you to a place, a place drenched in the darkness concocted in hell itself, a place where you feel vulnerable, scared. where the darkness is so real you feel as if it's touching you, suffocating you, slowly crawling up your feet. Unearthly creatures lurk in these shadows, their eyes like shiny black marbles.
Tuck in, turn off the lights, and close your eyes as we take you through this spooky spine chilling adventure, that is if you dare. After all, it's all in the depths of your head. Who knows maybe you are the devil or the devil is inside you.
So spread the fear my dear, the devils are here.
If you can't live without Bengali audio horror stories 221B Harrison Road is your perfect destination.

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