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"In this world you're either growing or you're dying, so get in motion and grow." - Lou Holtz

This is the absolute truth.

Living Forward is a concept of perpetual growth.

The Growth-Mindset is the only true way to live life.

This podcast reflects the idea of people and ideas that are constantly in a state of becoming.

Living Forward fits seamlessly with my platform First Frontier Forward.

Find 'First Frontier Forward' on Facebook & Instagram under the same name.

This new season is a beautiful compliment to Season 2 - 'Creating Superheroes'

We ALL have a “Superpower”.

What is this “Superpower” all about?

Your Superpower is how YOU can SERVE others.

Your Superpower is an innate ability ONLY you possess.

Your Superpower is where YOUR Passion meets Competence.

Your Superpower is what YOU were BORN to do with your LIFE.

How can YOU identify what your Superpower is?

It’s a task you perform that doesn’t drain ENERGIZES You!

Tap into your UNIQUE Superpower and your LIGHT will switch on Forever.

We should spend 60-80% of our day harnessing this Superpower and delegate the rest.

The PROBLEM is that most of us haven’t discovered our Superpower yet.

This podcast is designed to highlight the Superpowers in others.

AND to discover how to uncover The Superpower in YOU.

When you tap into Your Superpower and use it to help others You become a Superhero.

In my day-to-day life I am a husband, father, investor, digital marketer, podcaster, radio host, vlogger, public speaker and lifelong learner.

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