Captain Skyhawk


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Soar where no podcast has gone before!

No one noticed when they launched. And now it might be too late to stop them! In remote corners of the globe, Genesis Gem invaders are draining Earth's energy and "feeding" it to their space station. When the power drain is complete, the Genesis Gems plan to vaporize 2 Dudes and a NES with a deadly laser blast.

You, dear listener, are Captain Skyhawk - the only person who can stop them!

Climb aboard your hi-tech F-14VTS jet - fully equipped with the latest in deadly weapons! A unique spy satellite viewer lets you see your entire plane as you battle the Genesis Gems forces over amazing gridscape graphics! Whether you're soaring over the mountains at Mach 3 with Justin, or floating in hover mode with Michael, your F-14VTS will measure up to any challenge!

When you run out of firepower, just rocket up to your space station and Michael's Wifey will load you up with Phoenix missiles, Hawk bombs, and more!

The final challenge is still to come! You must destroy the dreaded Genesis Gems podcast. Fire up your afterburners, Brother! It's time to fry some Gems!

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