Dr Corey Ghazvini, DOM on healing energy flow via the ancient meridian system and quantum biology


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To preface this wonderful discussion, remember that energy is information and vice versa. In this video, Dr Corey Ghazvini DOM discusses how our body structures its own channels of energy flow which provide key information to all parts of the body. He discusses the historical context of the meridian system, the movement of chi and contrasts this to our modern reductionist approach of human physiology and disease. Through this lens, we can better appreciate the holistic approach that ancient civilizations understood when it comes to healing and also how Corey and I view energy flow using the language of quantum biology. The body always wants to move towards wellness. So any symptoms we have are simply adaptations the body is making to come back to homeostasis (Yin/Yang). This conversation provides some key practical ways you can apply this ancient wisdom and quantum perspective to your own healing journey.

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